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Simple Ways to Meet a Step Goal

Sometimes getting in all 10,000 recommended daily steps seems like running a marathon while battling a dragon. In all seriousness, I've been there and my job is fitness-related. I know it's got to be extra hard if you work an 8+ hour day behind a desk. Whatever the reason is that you're having a hard time making your quota, I've got some simple suggestions to boost your step count. Extra kudos because they're easily integrated into your day!

1. Park your car at the back of the parking lot

This is a really easy thing to do and you can do it anywhere you drive your car. Just park your car back as far as you feel comfortable and walk to your destination. The more back and forth you have to do out to your car

just gets racks up your steps even more. Aside from the benefit of your steps, if you park your car out far enough, you have a less likely chance that someone is going to ding your car with their door. This is especially true if you park so far out that you aren't even around other cars at all. One other benefit is since no one usually parks at the back, there aren't any unattended shopping carts there. This means you won't have a rogue cart denting the exterior of your car. You're welcome!

2. Don't use grocery pick up

I know it's really popular to order your groceries online, and then just drive up to the special parking spaces and have someone conveniently load them into your car, BUT if you're trying to meet a step goal, this is detrimental! Walking around the store to select all of your groceries will get you more than a few steps. You can even take side trips up the aisles that you don't need food from just for the extra steps. Who knows? You might find your new favorite food.

If you have extenuating circumstances that you NEED to use the pick up service one day, then use it. I know that life isn't always accommodating to our goals, but don't rely on modern conveniences all the time. The more you practice these suggestions, they'll become habits and you'll be meeting your 10,000 step goal every day!

3. Take your cart back into the store

So, you get to the store, park at the very back of the parking lot, walk around the store a million times to get everything you need, then walk your groceries ALLLLLLL the way to the back of the parking lot (where you parked), load them in your cart, your next step is to walk your cart all the way back to the store. Not only do you get in extra steps, but you're also looking like a super-caring, considerate human being by returning your cart. Remember my rogue cart comment? You wouldn't be contributing to that problem.

4. Take out the trash and recycling separately

This one seems a little silly, but I find it really effective. At my house, the outside trash and recycling bins are about 100 steps from my house. So, I am always the one to take out the trash and recycling at the end of the night. And, you guessed it, I take them in several trips. I'm sure my neighbors think I'm crazy, but when I have a goal, I HAVE to meet it. The added bonus to this, is that your kitchen is clean at the end of the night and you're a little bit closer to meeting your goal.

5. Go for a walk first thing in the morning

Sometimes, after a long day, you just don't feel like getting out for a walk. It's my opinion that that's the perfect time to go for a walk, since it's such a stress reliever (that's an entirely different post). Anyway, if I'm speaking to you, then get out and go for a morning walk. It's the perfect time to collect your thoughts before the day begins and get your steps in!

If you already take a morning walk and still aren't meeting your step goal, you can add in a short evening walk too. It's always nice to decompress and be out in nature. It's a wonderful natural stress reliever (did I mention that already?).

These are things I've added into my life to get my step count a little bit higher by the end of the day. You can use one or all of them to help you. If they do help you leave me a comment below. If you have some of your own that you want to share, leave me a comment!

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